Manila Spirits 2013

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Manila, Philippines

November 15-17, 2013






Open Division Team Awards

A Pool

Champions:      CUUP      China

1st Runner Up:      Mongrels      Philippines

2nd Runner Up:      Crackerjacks      Singapore

B Pool

Champions:      BDAD      Hong Kong

1st Runner Up:      Ninja Cool      Philippines

2nd Runner Up:      Bitter Ocampo      Philippines

Open Spirit Award:      Crackerjacks      Singapore


Women’s Division Team Awards

Champions:      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

1st Runner Up:      Mongrels Women’s      Philippines

2nd Runner Up:      Blue Bayou      Singapore

Women’s Spirit Award:      Vixens      Philippines


Mixed Division Team Awards

A Pool

Champions:      Mixed Nuts      Various

1st Runner Up:      Boracay Dragons      Philippines

2nd Runner Up:      Extreme      Philippines

B Pool

Champions:      Mulatto      Philippines

1st Runner Up:      Cabs are Here      Australia

2nd Runner Up:      Junk      Hong Kong

Mixed Spirit Award:      Black Flag


Open Division Individual Awards

Tournament MVP:      Marvin Subang      Mulatto Probinsyano      Philippines

Most Goals:      Clay Thomas      Pump and Squeeze      Singapore

Most Blocks:      Marvin Subang      Mulatto Probinsyano      Philippines

Most Assists:      Erick Artiva      Hardcore Ultimate      Singapore

Pool A Finals MVP:      Will Perry      CUUP      China

Pool B Finals MVP:      Andrew Appell      BDAD      Hong Kong


Mythical Seven

Clay Thomas      Pump and Squeeze      Singapore

Enrique Lee      Pump and Squeeze      Singapore

Erick Artiva      Hardcore Ultimate      Singapore

Jia Xie      CUUP      China

Cullen Geppert      CUUP      China

Junthir Flores      Boracay Ultimate      Philippines

Derek Ramsey      Boracay Ultimate      Philippines


Women’s Division Individual Awards

Tournament MVP:       Nina Buenaflor      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

Most Goals:       Nina Buenaflor      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

Most Blocks:      Tan Xin Ying      Blue Bayou      Singapore

Most Assists:      Anais Sylvestre      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

Finals MVP:      Laura Moore      Wingman Bebots      Philippines


Mythical Seven

Ysa Chua      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

Tan Xin Ying      Blue Bayou      Singapore

Elaine Lee      Blue Bayou      Singapore

Jane Varquez      Mother Hucker      Philippines

Lim Pei Ling      Blue Bayou      Singapore

Cat Phillips      Wingman Bebots      Philippines

Gabby Rodil      Vixens      Philippines


Mixed Division Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Male): Dwayne Castanares      Lasallian Ultimate      Philippines

Tournament MVP (Female): Kyrrah Tuvilla      Mulatto      Phillipines

Most Goals (Male):      Norman Flores      Lassalian Ultimate      Philippines

Most Goals (Female):      Cat Phillips      Mixed Nuts      Various

Most Blocks (Male):      Gerom Amurao      Weekend Karma      Philippines

Most Blocks (Female):      Lim Pei Ling      One Trick Pony      Singapore

Most Assists (Male):      John Damiani      Cabs are Here      Australia

Most Assists (Female):      Maimai Dublin      Boracay Dragons      Philippines


Pool A

Finals MVP (Male):      Cupcake Tullet      Mixed Nuts      Various

Finals MVP (Female):      Cat Phillips      Mixed Nuts      Various

Pool B

Finals MVP (Male):      Kaiser Basil      Mulatto      Philippines

Finals MVP (Female):      Hygeia Sevilla      Mulatto      Philippines

Pool C

Finals MVP (Male):      Chin Wei Tsai      Tainan Haocool      Taiwan

Finals MVP (Female):      Yi-Husan Chen      Tainan Haocool      Taiwan

Pool D

Finals MVP (Male):      Wing Lee      Blaze      Hong Kong

Finals MVP (Female):      Tannis Herriot      Blaze      Hong Kong

Pool E

Finals MVP (Male):      Lemuelle Labadan      Ultimate Warriors      Philippines

Finals MVP (Female):      Che Bello      Ultimate Warriors      Philippines

Pool F

Finals MVP (Male):      Ryan Baguio      Weekend Karma      Philippines

Finals MVP (Female):      Cat Lit      Weekend Karma      Philippines


Mythical Seven

Norman Flores      Lassalian Ultimate      Philippines

Christian Guerero      Sunken Pleasure      Philippines

Kevin Pascua      Sunken Pleasure      Philippines

Carlos Leong      Blaze      Hong Kong

Maimai Dublin      Boracay Dragons      Philippines

Nina Buenaflor      Rogers      Philippines

Laura Moore      Black Flag      Various


  1. vq
    November 29, 2013

    some errors there
    womens individual most blocks : Tan xin ying

    mythical 7
    Tan xin ying , blue bayou singapore
    Elaine lee , blue bayou singapore
    Lim Pei Ling , blue bayou singapore

    • Jared
      November 29, 2013

      Sorry about the spelling errors. Ping and Guila (big big thanks) rushed to get me these. And they told me that Enrique Lee had made the women’s mythical seven. I was pretty sure that wasn’t right. Elaine Lee makes more sense.

      Thanks for help!


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