Photographs on this website come from a number of sources. They are taken by my friends, given to me by tournament directors, stolen from my facebook feed or possibly taken by me.

If you have an issue with any photograph on the site, please contact me ( As a preview:

If you have a problem with disturbing content, I already thought it was fine to put up on the site, but if you want to complain, give it a shot.

If you don’t like that there is a photo of you on the site, I am sensitive to this. I have no problems taking down pictures if people are pissed they were photographed without permission. If you are in the background of a shot though… we’ll see.

If you are the photographer and you want money, not gonna happen. Sorry I stole your photo from the social networking site you posted it publicly on. I will give you a photo credit and a link if you can prove that it was yours. Or I’ll delete it if your really pissed at me. But I do reserve the right to badmouth you for not letting me put it up.

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