World Ultimate Club Championships (Asian Results)

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Asian team results from the World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy.

For clarification, I followed the East and Southeast Asian teams here. Here are the results for the 17 teams who represented South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.





China United Ultimate Party (Mixed; China)

Pool Play      9-15 Wild Card (USA)

Pool Play      12-9 Panthers Bern (Switzerland)

Pool Play      5-15 Cambridge Ultimate (UK)

Division 2     14-7 Fire of Anatolia (Turkey)

Division 2     8-12 Grandmaster Flash (Poland)

Quarterfinals (33-40)          15-17 Element (Israel)

Semifinals (37-40)                12-16 Black Eagles (UK)

39th-40th                               17-14 Slash (Mexico)

CUUP finishes in 39th place.



Hong Kong

Junk (Mixed; Hong Kong)

Pool Play      15-8 7 Bees (Brazil)

Pool Play      10-13 Discountry (Colombia)

Pool Play      10-15 Union (Canada)

Division 2     12-13 Element (Israel)

Division 2     7-15 W. underteam (Austria)

Quarterfinals (41-48)          17-6 Fire of Anatolia (Turkey)

Semifinals (41-48)                16-15 Panthers Bern (Switzerland)

Finals (41-48)                        17-12 Ghost Ultimate (South Africa)

Junk finishes in 41st place.




Nomadic Tribe (Open; Japan)

Pool Play      15-13 Mubidisc (Spain)

Pool Play      9-15 Revolver (USA)

Pool Play      15-9 Mooncatchers (Belgium)

Power Pools            15-12 Johnny Bravo (USA)

Power Pools            13-11 Tchac (France)

Pre-Quarterfinals            11-17 Colony (Australia)

Quarterfinals (9-16)        17-14 Phoenix (Canada)

Semifinals (9-16)              16-17 General Strike (Canada)

11th-12th                             17-10 Lucky Grass (Russia)

Nomadic Tribe finishes in 11th place.


Buzz Bullets (Open; Japan)

Pool Play      15-6 EMO (UK) (watch this game)

Pool Play      15-11 Iznogood (France)

Pool Play      15-4 Crackerjacks (Singapore)

Power Pools            15-8 Viksjöfors IF Ultimate (Sweden)

Power Pools            13-14 Phoenix (Canada)

Pre-Quarterfinals            17-16 Ironside (USA)

Quarterfinals                    12-17 Johnny Bravo (USA)

Semifinals (5-8)                12-17 Clapham Ultimate (UK)

7th-8th                               17-14 Heidees (Germany)

Buzz Bullets finish in 7th place.


Loquitos (Open; Japan)

Pool Play      6-15 Johnny Bravo (USA)

Pool Play      15-3 BASE (Slovenia)

Pool Play      11-15 Frizzly Bears (Germany)

Division 2     11-15 Mooncatchers (Belgium)

Division 2     15-7 Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)

Quarterfinals (33-40)          17-11 Prague Devils (Czech Republic)        

Semifinals (33-40)               17-12 Magon (New Zealand) 

Finals (33-40)                       17-8 Otso (Finland)

Loquitos finish in 33rd place.


UNO (Women; Japan)

Pool Play      15-5 Lay D’s (Slovakia)

Pool Play      13-11 QUB (Canada)

Pool Play      15-8 CUSB Shout (Italy)

Power Pools            15-14 STBAU (Australia)

Power Pools            15-9 U. de Cologne (Germany)

Power Pools            11-15 Fury (USA)

Quarterfinals               16-17 Riot (USA)

Semifinals (5-8)           15-14 Revolution (Colombia)

Finals (5-8)                   10-16 Traffic (Canada)

UNO finishes in 6th place.


Huck (Women; Japan)

Pool Play      15-10 E6 (Sweden)

Pool Play      15-10 Showdown (USA)

Pool Play      15-8 Artemis (NZ)

Power Pools            12-9 Fusion (Canada)

Power Pools            11-15 Riot (USA)

Quarterfinals                 14-17 Fury (USA)

Semifinals (5-8)            16-17 Traffic (Canada)

7th-8th                            16-17 Revolution (Columbia)

HUCK finishes in 8th place.


MUD (Women; Japan)

Pool Play      12-14 Revolution (Columbia)

Pool Play      10-14 STBAU (Australia)

Pool Play      15-1 UFO Women’s (Finland)

Division 2     15-2 Lay D’s (Slovakia)

Division 2     15-5 CUSB Shout (Italy)

Quarterfinals (17-24)            17-7 Nice Bristols (UK)

Semifinals (17-24)                  16-8 ZUF (Switzerland)

Finals (17-24)                          17-6 Copenhagen Hucks (Denmark)

MUD finishes in 17th place.


Hanabi (Mixed; Japan)

Pool Play      14-13 FUJ (Czech Republic)

Pool Play      12-11 Stache (Canada)

Pool Play      15-10 Outsiderz (Slovakia)

Power Pools            13-12 Roadkill (Australia)

Power Pools            15-12 Corocotta (Spain)

Pre-Quarterfinals          16-10 Black Sheep (New Zealand)

Quarterfinals                  13-17 The Ghosts (USA)

Semifinals (5-8)             11-16 Cambridge Ultimate (UK)

7th-8th                             12-17 Roadkill (Australia)

Hanabi finishes in 8th place.


IKU (Mixed; Japan)

Pool Play      6-15 Polar Bears (USA)

Pool Play      15-5 Fire of Anatolia (Turkey)

Pool Play      14-10 Royal Goaltimate Society (UK)

Power Pools            13-14 Cambridge Ultimate (UK)

Power Pools           10-15  Team Fisher Price (Canada)

Quarterfinals (17-24)          15-12 Freezzz Beezzz (Germany)

Semifinals (17-24)                13-12 Discountry (Colombia)

Finals (17-24)                        17-13 Corocotta (Spain)

IKU finishes in 17th place.


Vigi (Open Masters; Japan)

Pool Play      15-9 Yanomami (Venezuela)

Pool Play      11-15 Zimmer (UK)

Pool Play      14-11 Gronical Dizziness (Netherlands)

Pool Play      11-14 UFO Masters (Finland)

Pool Play      15-7 MM (Mexico)

Pre-Quarterfinals          17-16 Flood (Canada)

Quarterfinals                  12-17 Johnny Encore (USA)

Semifinals (5-8)              17-12 UFO Masters (Finland)

Finals (5-8)                      10-17 Surly (USA)

Vigi finishes in 6th place.


Junk (Open Masters; Japan)

Pool Play      6-15 Figjam (Canada)

Pool Play      3-15 Johhny Encore (USA)

Pool Play      6-15 Phat Chilly (Australia)

Pool Play      13-14 Mucche-Ult. Bergamo (Italy)

Pool Play      15-9 Goldfingers (Germany)

Quarterfinals (17-24)          16-13 Eastern Greys (Australia)

Semifinals (17-24)                17-16 Gronical Dizziness (Netherlands)

Finals (17-24)                       9-17 MM (Mexico)

Junk finishes in 18th place.


SANZ (Women Masters; Japan)

Round Robin      7-15 Vintage (Canada)

Round Robin      15-7 Guacamayas (Venezuela)

Round Robin      12-15 Golden Girls (Germany)

Round Robin      12-10 Welldone (Finland)

Round Robin      15-13 Robot (UK)

Round Robin      15-9 Primal (Australia)

Round Robin     4-15 Godiva (USA)

Round Robin      15-3 Funky Masters (France)

Semifinals           7-17 Godiva (USA)

3rd-4th               14-16 Golden Girls (Germany)

SANZ finishes in 4th place.





Crackerjacks (Open; Singapore)

Pool Play      11-14 Iznogood (France)

Pool Play      9-14 EMO (UK)

Pool Play      4-15 Buzz Bullets (Japan)

Division 2     15-7 Cambo Cakes (Netherlands)

Division 2     8-15 FWD>> (Austria)

Quarterfinals (33-40)          14-12 Fenix Ultimate (Mexico)

Semifinals (33-40)                14-15 Otso (Finland)

35th-36th                                9-17 Magon (New Zealand)

Crackerjacks finish in 36th place.


Sin City (Women; Singapore)

Pool Play      12-14 Copenhagen Hucks (Denmark)

Pool Play      8-15 Cosmic Girls (Russia)

Pool Play      4-15 Riot (USA)

Division 2     7-15 ZUF (Switzerland)

Division 2     15-12 Prague Devils (Czech Republic)

Quarterfinals (25-32)            17-13 Catarinas (Mexico)

Semifinals (25-32)                 11-17 Rogue (Australia)

27th-28th                                10-12 Artemis (New Zealand)

Sin City finishes in 28th place.


Shiok (Mixed; Singapore)

Pool Play      13-17 Croccali (Italy) (watch this game)

Pool Play      13-11 Saxy Divers (Germany)

Pool Play      15-9 Bivni (Russia)

Power Pools            7-15 The Ghosts (USA)

Power Pools            14-12 Sexy Legs (Estonia)

Pre-Quarterfinals            6-17 Polar Bears (USA)

Quarterfinals (9-16)        16-15 Batmania (Australia)

Semifinals (9-16)              16-14 Gecko (Canada)

Finals (9-16)                     13-16 Wild Card (USA)

Shiok finishes in 10th place.




South Korea

Last Stand (Mixed; South Korea)

Pool Play      9-15 Gecko (Canada)

Pool Play      9-13 BDM (France)

Pool Play      6-16 Ghosts (USA)

Division 2     15-12 UFO Mix (Finland)

Division 2     13-10 Saxy Divers (Germany)

Quarterfinals (33-40)          17-14 Outsiterz (Slovakia)

Semifinals (33-40)               13-17 FUJ (Czech Rebublic)

35th-36th                                17-9 Element (Israel)

Last Stand finishes in 35th place.


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