Shanghai Open 2015

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Shanghai Open LogoКаким должен быть хороший проект дома.


Shanghai, China


June 5-7, 2015


Here are the A Division results as I remember them with videos below…


Beijing Big Brother

Hong Kong Junk

Taiwan Blue Magpie



Chairman Xiongmao

Shanghai Huwa


Pride of Dongguan

  Junk def Big Brother

Junk def Blue Magpie

Junk def UFO

  Chairman Xiongmao def Huwa

Chairman Xiongmao def Laohu

Chairman Xiongmao def POD

  Blue Magpie def Big Brother

Blue Magpie def UFO

  Huwa def Laoju

Huwa def POD

  Big Brother def UFO

  Laohu def POD

  Final Standings

Junk (3-0)

Blue Magpie (2-1)

Big Brother (1-2)

UFO (0-3) Final Standings

Chairman Xiongmao (3-0)

Huwa (2-1)

Laohu (1-2)

POD (0-3)


Crossover Games

1 v 1 Seeding: Chairman Xiongmao def Junk

2 v 3 Quarterfinal Preview: Blue Magpie def Laohu

2 v 3 Quarterfinal Preview: Huwa def Big Brother

A Division Play-In: POD def ?????

A Division Play-In: Junk B def UFO



Chairman Xiongmao def Junk B

Junk def POD

Blue Magpie def Laohu

Big Brother def Huwa



Chairman Xiongmao def Big Brother

Junk def Blue Magpie



Chairman Xiongmao def Junk






Dax’s dope After SHO video


Video of the finals between Junk and Chairman Xiongmao

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