Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat 2013

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Hangzhou, China

November 2-3, 2013


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The Teams

Hangzhou Hat Team AHangzhou Hat



Hangzhou HatHangzhou Hat

Hangzhou HatHangzhou Hat



Hangzhou hatHangzhou Hat





Hangzhou HatHangzhou Hat


Pool Play

Ghoul Pool

Team David (A) 9 – 5 Team Zach (B)

Team Alec (C) 7 – 3 Team Ian (D)

Team David (A) 7 – 8 Team Alec (C)

Team Zach (B) 5 – 9 Team Jonathan (E)

Team David (A) 8 – 6 Team Jonathan (E)

Team Zach (B) 5 – 6 Team Ian (D)

Team Alec (C) 10-6 Team Jonathan (E)

Team David (A) 8 – 6 Team Ian (D)

Team Zach (B) 5 – 7 Team Alec (C)

Team Ian (D) 9 – 7 Team Jonathan (E)

Goblin Round Robin

Team Sam (F) 9 – 8 Team Bradford (G)

Team Nitai (H) 4 – 5 Team Dax (I)

Team Sam (F) 10 – 7 Team Nitai (H)

Team Bradford (G) 9 – 4 Team Daniel (J)

Team Sam (F) 8 – 9 Team Daniel (J)

Team Bradford (G) 11 – 7 Team Dax (I)

Team Nitai (H) 8 – 6 Team Daniel (J)

Team Sam (F) 11 – 7 Team Dax (I)

Team Bradford (G) 8 – 10 Team Nitai (H)

Team Dax (I) 8 – 11 Team Daniel (J)

Standings after Pool Play

Ghoul Pool Goblin Round Robin
Team Alec (C) 4-0 Team Sam (F) 3-1
Team David (A) 3-1 Team Nitai (H) 2-2 (2-0)
Team Ian (D) 2-2 Team Bradford (G) 2-2 (1-1)
Team Jonathan (E) 1-3 Team Daniel (J) 2-2 (0-2)
Team Zach (B) 0-4 Team Dax (I) 1-3
*Seedings in HNU pool between G, H, and F were determined by the head-to-head results among those three teams. Those records are above.



Team Zach (B) 9 – 5 Team Daniel (J)

Team Jonathan (E) 11 – 1 Team Dax (I)



Team Alec (C) 11 – 5 Team Zach (B)

Team Jonathan (E) 4 – 11 Team Sam (F)

Team Nitai (H) 4 – 9 Team Ian (D)

Team Bradford (G) 7 – 9 Team David (A)



Team Alec (C) 11 – 9 Team Ian (D)

Team David (A) 11 – 9 Team Sam (F)



Team Alec (C) 13 – 7 Team David (A)


Finals Video Coverage


Final Rankings

1) Team Alec (C) 7-0

2) Team David (A) 5-2

3) Team Sam (F) 4-2

3) Team Ian (D) 3-3

5) Team Bradford (G) 3-3

5) Team Nitai (H) 3-3

5) Team Jonathan (E) 2-4

5) Team Zach (B) 1-5

9) Team Daniel (J) 2-3

9) Team Dax (I) 1-4


Hangzhou Hat Tourney Champions

The excited champions: Team A. Captain: David Willis

Runner Up Hangzhou Hat

Slightly more excited runners-up: Team C. Captain: Alec Hutson



















On-Field Action

Hangzhou Hat

Kenny in his onesie. Looking.

Hangzhou Hat 2013

Day 1 Action!






















hangzhou hat

Sarina Zhou looks upfield.


Hangzhou Hat. Hutson and Behr.

Alec Hutson and Peter Behr in the Final













Hangzhou hat Kevin Reitz

Kevin Reitz goes upstairs to make a grab during the Final.









Hangzhou Hat David

Anyone taking bets? (featuring David)

Hangzhou Hat

Enjoying the final with some very refreshing Chinese liquor. Gimme a T!






Hangzhou Hat

Onesie-plus-onesie- equals? (Alternate title: “Quit it Dax, I’m trying to play Facebook”)


hangzhou Hat

The fans loving the finals.


Hangzhou Hat Ultimate

Team Captains (or stand-ins), Spirit Award winners and MVPs.










Hangzhou Hat

The People!







































































Off-Field Action

Hangzhou Hat

Team drawing parties are often pretty blurry.

Hangzhou Hat

Kenny is ready for some team drawing.

Hangzhou Hat

Hangzhou’s own DTS and JiaJia. Still hungry.











Horses Hangzhou Hat Party

They mare may not be late for the party. In any event you won’t have to wait furlong.

Hangzhou Hat party

Horsing around at the Party
























Hangzhou Hat

Ningbo Jumping Ghosts


Hangzhou Hat

Martin as the angel of death.

hangzhou Hat

Just an ordinary day.










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