Chiang Mai Hat 2013

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

February 1, 2014


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It was a beautiful day on the military base just outside of Chiang Mai. Sunny, but without the heat many of us deal with when the sun shows up. We felt a strong breeze a couple of times during the day as a military helicopter left in the morning and then returned during the final.

The organizers set up a solid structure for the 6 teams with 2 pool play games for each team, then play-in games for the bottom four teams, then semis and finals. It was a very well-run tourney. The only weakness in some people’s eyes was the lack of beer for sale or rent (it happens. It’s Chiang Mai. They have their reasons). Many of us made beer runs though, and we had Eddie and his magic.

The party was at Julia and friends’ house. House party! Discs were drank, karaoke was sung, jokes were told, hammocks were slept and ceilings were dirtied. It was a great night.


Teams Chiang Mai Hat 2014


Chiang Mai Hat Tournament Results

Game Results including pool play.

Chiang Mai Hat Tournament Results

Playoff bracket including scores

One interesting thing you’ll see in the bracket are the semifinal whoopings. Yellow and Blue were good teams, but the bye into they earned by winning their pools paid off big time. Black and Red rolled into the Semis exhausted as the 12 person rosters took their toll.

The final was played far from the shady area so many opted to watch the game from afar and drink beer that was near. And a helicopter landed during the final. Awesome. But according to someone who saw it or played in it or something:

Tim O’Rourke: “Yellow played valiantly against a team with twice as many players.”


(out of 7)

Blue – 6.75 (Spirit Winners)
Yellow – 6
Green – 5.75
White – 5.5
Red – 5.25
Black – 4.5

Additional Content

The videos I made during the tourney will be ready soon. Stay tuned to the Asian Ultimate Life facebook page and @asianultyblog for updates on that.

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