Boracay Open 2014

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Boracay, Philippines

March 14-16, 2014



Overall Team Awards

Party Award:      Sexual Harasment Panda Experience      International

Spirit of the Game:      Toronto Max Power      Canada


Pool A Team Awards and Results

Pool A Champion:      Boracay Dragons Black      Philippines

Pool A Runner-up:      Boracay Dragons Red      Philippines

Mayor’s Cup Champion:      Doracay Bragons      Australia


Pool A Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Female):      Kat Phillips      Doracay Bragons

Tournament MVP (Male):      Nelson Canedo      Mulatto

Finals MVP (Female):      Maimai Dublin      Dragons Black

Finals MVP (Male):      Hendrix Maming      Dragons Red

Best Defender (Female):      Crystal Koo      HK X

Best Defender (Male):      Jack Lau      Dime Piece


Pool A Mythical 4:

Cupcake      Doracay Bragons

Derek Ramsey      Boracay Ultimate

Kristian Guererro      Dragons Black

Khyrrah Tuvilla      Mulatto


Pool B Team Awards and Results

Pool B Champion:      Ultimate Warriors      Philippines

Pool B Runner-Up:      Sexual Harassment Panda Experience      International


Pool B Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Female):      Jane Varquez      Ultimate Warriors

Tournament MVP (Male):      Kash Eff       Sexual Harassment Panda Experience

Best Defender (Female):      Asako Yamamoto      Appendix Ultimate

Best Defender (Male):      Felix Angue      Ultimate Warriors


Pool B Mythical 4:

Lee Mackay      Canada PR

Matt Borowski      Happy Pig

Lemuelle Labadan      Ulti Warriors

Trina Torres      DUO


Pool C Team Awards and Results

Pool B Champion:      Ceboom      Philippines


Pool C Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Female):      Christina Resch      Ceboom

Tournament MVP (Male):      Bryan Magallanes      Hamsteratops

Best Defender (Female):      Jana Kuehnel      DMD

Best Defender (Male):      Mr. Brown      Hemagh


Pool C Mythical 4:

Gierod Alejandro      Typhoons

JC Ty      Petmalols

Jose      Blurrier Island

Christine Klotz      DMD

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