Boracay Open 2013

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Boracay, Philippines

March 8-10, 2013



Overall Team Awards

Party Award:      Dime Piece

Spirit of the Game:      HK Force

Best in Costume:      Mulatto


Pool A Team Awards and Results

Pool A Champion:      Dragon Old Stars      Philippines

Mayor’s Cup Champion:      Mulatto      Philippines


Pool A Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Female):      Khyra Tualva      Mulatto

Tournament MVP (Male):      Jeff Rodriguez      Old Stars

Finals MVP (Female):      Charlie Mercer      Old Stars

Finals MVP (Male):      Panoy      Old Stars

Best Defender (Female):      Christina Contreas      Dragon Lovers

Best Defender (Male):      Hendrix Maming      Old Stars

Pool A Mythical 4:

Nelson Canedo      Mulatto

Bolantoy Francisco      New Stars

Willie Kunkel      Dime Piece

Sophie Sacapano      BU


Pool B Team Awards and Results

Pool B Champion:      DUO      Philippines


Pool B Individual Awards

Tournament MVP (Female):      Natalie Sisson      Happy Pig

Tournament MVP (Male):      Felix Angue      Warriors

Best Defender (Female):      Jane Varquez      Ulti Warriors

Best Defender (Male):      Wolfgang Maehr      Appendix

Pool B Mythical 4:

Allan Jovero      DUO

Chris Celio      HK Force

Czar Tabangin      Petmalu

Angelique Cortez      Pancake

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