Asian Halloween Tournament Costume Competition

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With four Halloween tournaments happening in the region this weekend, next weekend, and a thursday in between, I thought it was important to bring them together in Halloween-spirited competition. Who was most creative? Who put together the most playable costume? Now we find out. Now to introduce the competitors from Brunei, Korea, the Philippines and China …

In Brunei this weekend we have the Halloween version of Topi Cuti, their regular hat tournament series. Topi Cuti comes in as an underdog as they are only having a half-day hat with no party, I think. Nonetheless, never count out Yasmin and BEWARE THE BRUNEI.

This weekend also brings us one of the favorites. Daejon, Korea is running their annual Halloween Hat. Coming off of a Zombie-filled warmup led by Robin and co. the weekend before, this tourney is offering a full weekend… of fear.

Thursday, Halloween proper brings us another favorite. Edgar Callos and his crew brings us THE HUCKING DEAD in Taguig City, Philippines. The registration party runs a few days before, giving teams to prepare their on-field shenanigans. Their “NO COSTUME NO PLAY. Only fools are allowed to play no to cool kids” policy may lead to costume domination for the Philippines.

Finally, next weekend is the Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat. I don’t know much about the tourney as I haven’t played ultimate in China for more than 10 years. But there is a costume party, meaning we have a contender.

There are two categories, though one costume can win both:

Best Overall Costume: On the field or at the party, who represented.

Best Played Costume: Who had the best costume that was played in on the field?

All tournaments have been contacted. Please send photo entries to No limit to the number of entries that can be submitted.

Good luck!


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