Game Play Calculations: Ironside-Bravo, US Nationals Men’s Final, 2014

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I know this isn’t about Asian Ultimate, but with the possible development of an observer system in the WFDF, the gameplay issues in US ultimate may foreshadow what we will see in Asia in the near future.соответствие качества и цен при строительстве.

I don’t watch many US club games these days, but I like to check out a few big ones here and there. While watching the finals of the Men’s Division of US Nationals on Youtube last year (see below), I found myself slightly annoyed at the number and length of stoppages of play, especially in the second half. Maybe I just wasn’t used to the observer system. Maybe my attention span has issues. So I decided to compute how much time was taken up by discussions and other types of play stoppages.

I got busy with other things and the project waited. Then Beach Worlds came around with the much-discussed “Spirit Timeout” during double game point of the Men’s Semifinals (see below). How could that crazy thing happen? What a delay! WFDF needs observers! Could be. I’ll pick that up along with Evan Lepler’s comments on the Spirit Time Out in another post. For now, I want to share with you some numbers I put together when looking at how game time was used in the Ironside-Johnny Bravo game. Do with them what you will.

Most of this was hand-timed. I did my best. I am probably a few seconds off here and there. I tried.



Score-to-Pull: The total time from when the score is made to the next pull.

Time Outs: Total Time Out time for time outs called during points, from when the time out is called to when the disc is tapped backed in.

Injury Stoppages: Total time taken to deal with injured players during points, from when play stops to when the disc is tapped back in.

Discussion Stoppages: Total time taken when any foul or violation is called, from when play stops to when the disc is tapped back in, whether or not observers were involved.

Total Stoppage Time: The total of Score-to-Pull time, Time Out time, Injury Stoppage time and Discussion Stoppage time.

Total Play Time: The total time the disc is in play between stoppages.


Ironside vs. Johnny Bravo

US Club National Championships

Plano, Texas

October 16-19, 2014


First Half



Halftime Score: Johnny Bravo 8 Ironside 7

Halftime (8:56)


Second Half


1 offsides and 1 Time Out)  8 Occurrences  13:31  Time Out (not between points)  1  1:26  Injury Stoppages  2  1:40  Discussion Stoppages  33  15:15  Total Stoppage Time  31:50  Total Play Time  18:20


Final Score: Johnny Bravo 13 Ironside 11


Game Totals


1 Discussion, and 1 Offsides)  22 Occurrences  35:08  Time Out (not between points)  2  3:05  Injury Stoppages  2  1:40  Discussion Stoppages  49  21:32  Halftime  8:56  Total Stoppage Time  1:10:21  Total Play Time  35:39





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